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CHRIS DACRE Pillows, Prints, Cards and Tea Towels

Tea Towels - Block Print

Tea Towels - Block Print

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Each of these 100% cotton tea towels is a one-of-a-kind. They are individually block-printed on the Poco Press (seen below). If there are six owls on the towel that means that the linoleum block of the owl was inked up and run through the press six times.

These tea towels are 100% cotton and 30 x 30 inches. The linoleum blocks are inked up and placed face down on the towel and then run through the press.

All towels are washed and dried (shrunk), ironed, printed and then the inks are heat-set. It is an involved process but I love the way that they turn out.

The width of the press bed only allows me to print a certain width so these towels are only printed on a 1/3 of it. 

No two towels are the same so get the one you want while it's available!


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