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Raccoon - Framed Block Print

Raccoon - Framed Block Print

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Framed, Hand-printed Block Print

Who doesn't love it when these cute critters come digging though their garbage cans?

Printed with a specially formulated oil-based relief printmaking ink which lends a richness to the image that you can't get from a digital or screen print inks. 

The image is hand carved out of a linoleum block. Afterwards, ink is rolled on top, then a sheet of paper is laid down on top of that. It is then rolled through a specialized printmaking press under high pressure making the ink transfer from the block to the paper. 

The resulting image is a mirror image of the block it was carved from. Each print is hand-printed and signed by Chris Dacre.

The tradition of block printing can be dated back to 220AD in China- which is over 4000 years ago.



Paper: 6x6 inches. Light cream colored rice paper mounted onto an acid-free, black matboard.

Frame: 10x10 inches and made in USA. Frames are specifically made for these prints from the same company out of Brooklyn, NY for the past 10 years. Sawtooth hangar on back so it is ready-to-hang right out-of-the-box.

Black vinyl wrapped over 1.25" wide MDF. Matte finished so there is no glare. Nice, simple frame with glass. 

Everything from start-to-finish is done here in the workshop in Nevada City, CA. - So I am able to put a lot of love into the entire process from the creation of the image to the finished works of art.

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