Work sample for the University of California, Santa Cruz
Print Media Search Committee


WAR is FUN! Detail of installation: Large felt tank with mini tanks in tow (large: 4x9x7 ft. small: 4x8x6 in.) Stop-animation projection to the right of the tank made from screenprinted characters. 2.20 min. loop, Portion of large felt wall in background (53 x 12 ft.). The rest of the installation includes a 10 tons burlap sandbag bunker- 16' wide x 12' tall. 12' x 4' painting mounted inside bunker with a pair of handmade 'binoculars' outside to view inside through the machine gun windows. To the right is a 2.5 minute loop stop-animation projection and another on TV above bunker. Multiple felt jetplanes flying just below the ceiling & framed prints – lithogaph & etchings and relief on canvas. Sharadin Art Gallery (60 x 40 sq ft.) Kutztown University Artist Residency, Pennsylvania, 2011